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Our dedicated and knowledgeable MIC team is uniquely qualified to service MICs. We offer a wide a range of services that our MIC clients count on.

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A mortgage investment corporation (MIC) is a pooling vehicle that allows small investors to invest in a diversified pool of mortgages registered against title on residential real estate with the benefit of using the corporate form.Here at MacCallum Law Group we act for a growing number of Mortgage Investment Corporations which are active in both British Columbia and Alberta. Although an MIC is generally treated as a conduit for income tax purposes, in order to be treated as an MIC, a corporation must meet a number of precise conditions including requirements which relate to permitted investments and ownership.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable MIC team is uniquely qualified to service MICs, and because we’re armed with the technology that makes even the most complicated problems look simple, we can offer a wide range of services that our MIC clients count on time again.

Although we offer too many MIC services to list, here are a few we’d like to mention:

  • Access to our Expansive Network of Auditors, Accountants, Securities Lawyers and Financial Planners
  • Advice Relating to Corporate Organization & Structure of MIC
  • Advice Relating to Lending Practices & Policies
  • Incorporation of MIC and MIC Management Corporations
  • Foreclosures
  • Liaise with Trustees and Investment Advisors
  • Preparation of Information Booklets
  • Preparation of Management and Shareholders Agreements
  • Preparation of Mortgages and All Ancillary Documentation
  • Treasury Matters and Share Issuance

When it comes to MIC issues, our Mortgage Investment Corporations team has the knowledge, expertise, and skill required to handle it.

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